what chord is this? :
D|----9-----11---------| or any similar chord like this.
are these considered barre or power chords? what are they called?
also, i've tried to use my middle, ring, and pinky for the top three strings. and my index finger for the G string, but it's really hard to fit all three fingers (middle, ring, and pinky) on the top three strings. is my guitar too small? is there a more efficient way of fingering, like barring the top three strings with my ring finger or something?
also, the first two strings(e, B) are really hard to mute. what exactly do i mute them with?
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Major chords lol

edit: And that is how I would finger it. I would use my index finger to mute the top 2 strings.
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Barre the DAD strings with your ring finger, fret the 3rd with your middle and rest the index finger across all strings to mute the B and E strings.