Let the stupidness insue. SO, I

    OK. I'm looking at

    Blackstar HT-5
    Jet City JCA20C
    Marshall Class 5
    Peavey VK Royal 8(tough to find)

    Budget: Up to $400, cheaper is nicer, i still need to buy a guitar. Thanks!

    How many threads is this.
    Do you reckon some new tube amps just popped into existence.
    If you need a headphone jack at 400 you're looking at the ht-5 or a solid state amp.
    none of those amps will give you a good clean tone. They are all single channel amps.
    The Jet city jca20 will give you a little bit more because its 20watts and has a master volume but your still not looking at great cleans. That's a crunch amp.

    You need at least 2 channels with a dedicated clean or a clean amp for what you need.

    You'd be better off with a hot rod deluxe.

    Rank your needs in order of importance, do you want cleans or do you want metal. You can't have both for 400. Except the blackstar...but that's really pushing the definition of a tube amp combo. It will do what you want though.
    Prs se Holcomb is the answer