I run away,
you hit the floor.
Your screams still ring inside my head.
Clouds cover what we've said.

Run away now,
from this dreadful fate,
I feel it coming it cannot wait.
now you see,
(the demon in me.)

Broken bones and bitter air,
how could this be?
I feel rage caged inside me
Break the chains and set it free

What is this thing inside of me?
It always brings me to my knees.
(My knees)
there's no emotion left inside,
Can't stop no matter how hard I've tried.

The evil's burning inside,
Time to hold on for the ride,
To kill or to hide?
That's up for me to decide

Darkness building,
(There's no turning back)
Nothing Shielding
(I'm on the attack)

RUN AWAY now before it's too late
my demon is coming, it cannot wait
so run away, be let free
be free from the dark side of me.
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Hi jmh,
It's me, jody. This is some pretty heavey stuff. There is sadness, anger, frustration, pain, strong emotion, and lack of emotion, hate, fear and in the very end careing, perhaps love. And I agree with timbit20006. If you're really a demon, you will destroy. This is strong. good job.

Take care,