since i'm not sure where to put this...i figured this would be the best place. i'm interested in the writing style of geezer butler(black sabbath) and Leon Wilkeson(lynyrd skynyrd). can anyone point me in the right direction to learn what they learned?
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I know this wont help at all but i know that Leon was self taught. In the "Freebird the movie" documentary Leon's father says that he brought Leon for one lesson as a child and Leon came out saying in reference to the teacher "he don't know nothin about music daddy, i know more than him, i could teach him." I would assume that Geezer, coming from the blue collar, working class industrial Birmingham, wouldnt have had much if any lessons either. The best advice i would give would be to just study and play what they wrote and adapt your stype around the types of things they did
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