Looking to start filling up my pedal board. Currently only running my Boss ME-50 and ISP decimator into the 6505. Ive been looking at The Big Muffs (tone wicker) and the aqua puss analog delay.

Are their any other sexual innuendo pedals out there? Haha

Plus im kinda stuck in deciding between the Big Muff, Little Big Muff, Russian Big Muff, and Big Muff tone wicker.... the Russian seems to be very popular and smooth from what ive heard on youtube, but the tone wicker seems to have a good amount of diversity in the tones it can achieve... (Tones that im lookin for outta the muff, would be Jack White type tones, along with those post rock (explosions in the sky) fuzz tones.)

Also is there much of a difference between an MXR carbon copy and the Aqua Puss?

GASing for

Analog Delay
EQ pedal

Thanks in advance
well, all i can say is i got the russian big muff, and i make love to it every night. best fuzzy distortion ive ever used
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I've got a little big muff, and I think it's my favorite pedal. I probably use it more then any other pedal I've owned.
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also, in the movie it might get loud, you can see jack white using a russian big muff
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It's all about the abalone. You can't play metal without it. Mother of pearl? MOTO? GTFO!
The advantage of the Little Big Muff over the Big Muff is that you can power it with a regular boss-style adapter, whereas with the regular Big Muff you need a special power supply.

I have the Little Big Muff, and it sounds kickass. I A/Bed the pedals in the store, and I really could not tell any difference.

Also, for delay, why the Aqua Puss? Just curious.
Guy at sam ash recommended it if i was looking into analog delays, also the clips on youtube sounded pretty decent... plus the name was amusing to me, and since i was in the market for a muff, why not add that as well haha.....sorry im pretty immature haha =P
The Aqua Puss is nice. It sounds just like an old Boss DM-2. I kind of regret selling mine. The Carbon Copy is supposedly a modified Aqua Puss but I don't hear it at all. It's darker and muddier and the modulation blows.
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If you want more innuendo themed pedals, "Big John Hairy Balls" is a fuzz pedal. You can have that running into the big muff and aqua pussy for even more innuendo lulz.

But yeah, the MXR carbon copy is nowhere near as good as the aqua puss in my humble opinion, doesnt sound as crisp.
Haha, fair enough. The Aqua Puss sounds awesome, I agree, but my only beefs with it are a) its size, and b) only 300ms of delay.

After looking around for an analog delay for AGES, I settled with the Malekko Ekko 616 (and yes, I did buy mine from ProGuitarShop - I'm somewhat of a fanboy ). It's got 600ms of delay, which is a nice amount to have that'll fit you for most styles. And also it has adjustable modulation that you can switch on and off. Plus it's got a button that lets you switch between true bypass and buffered bypass.

The Carbon Copy I found was too dark for my taste, as it has very heavily distorted repeats that I feel sit back too far in the mix, but that's my preference. It also has modulation, but not adjustable, and it has 800ms of delay, although I don't know how much of that is practical, considering how much it distorts the repeats on longer delay times.
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