So i was wondering, since I'm going to have a job over the summer, i might as well start putting together a pedal board because all i have at the moment is a Jim Dunlop crybaby wah, so what do you UG'ers think are the most fun/ best pedals you have or have tried?
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For a pedal board? I really have only used a couple Behringer distortion pedals (Which were extremely nice. Ultra Metal UM300 was my favorite). But if you're ever looking for a multi-effect pedal, I may suggest a digitech RP250 or RP350 (Actually, I think they only sell them as Rp255 and Rp355 now). I have the RP350 and I friggin' love it! Presets if you're just jamming for fun and custom setting for finding the PERFECT sound. I think a 355 runs for about $150 and the 255 runs for about $100 (cheap, but AWESOME!).
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That depends on what type of music you like, which you didn't mention.

i play all styles of music, but what im really into are bands like, the white stripes, sabbath, zeppelin, muse
I'm like a black Dr. Who, Except I'm white

I only watch porn with names that are puns or have alliteration in the title...
My favorite pedals I've ever owned were my Tube Driver, vintage TS808 and my RMC3. All just because they sound great. I owned an old CE-2 for a while that was really fun to play around with. I really can't recommend anything without knowing what you play and your budget as all of those are fairly expensive.
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I like my chorus pedal...I have an EH Small Clone...simple yet very effective. Delay effects are always fun to mess around with, and it goes well with some of the muse stuff, just make sure you have a decent fuzz pedal. I use a DS-2, its just regular distortion but it works for the Muse covers we play. You might look into a nice overdrive pedal if your amp doesn't have a decent driven sound. That and the wah will give you some good blues and classic rock sounds, and cranked up can get ya a good metal sound too. Just remember that sometimes a simple setup is more effective then going crazy. Try out a local music shop and see if they have a good display to try out different effects.
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Jack White uses a Big Muff for all his fuzz sounds, I'd suggest a Big Muff with tone and wicker, as it sounds just like jacks, but has a few extra settings and options on it. Also Jack uses an Electro-Harmonix POG for his octave stuff. Muse guy likes to use compressors, idk any good compressors tho. I've found that if you use a compressor, pitch, muff, and chorus combination you can get most muse sounds pretty well. For Zepp the Muff will also work really well. Page was fairly uneffecty. The Muff and wah will prob cover all the zepp sounds. You may want a phaser tho, He used them allot too.
My english teacher is a guitarist, he has a pretty sweet pedalboard that hes letting me use for the school talent show. He has a reverb, delay, compressor, equalizer, tube screamer, clean boost, a vibrato thing (pretty sweet), and that's about it I think. Pretty cool effects in my opinion, I had a fun time messing around practicing with it.
Not sure if that helped, but maybe that'll give you an idea on the type of pedals you might want to look for? :P