I won a Daisy Rock "Rock Candy" guitar in a random drawing online last year, and I like it pretty well. I'm a girl, and I like that it's lighter and build for smaller hands, plus, hey, it's a free guitar. You can see what it looks like here: http://www.daisyrock.com/products/bass-guitars/rock-candy-bass/rock-candy-classic?sku=147

Thing is, I don't really dig the bright silver color, and I feel like it would look a bit less... um, garish... with a pickguard, like what you'd see on a Les Paul (http://scavenging.files.wordpress.com/2009/08/gibson-les-paul.jpg in case you don't know what a Les Paul looks like, hehe). Does anyone know where I could buy a pickguard that would fit a Daisy Rock guitar? And any tips on installing it would be appreciated too.

I'm also thinking about painting the thing, or trying to find black guitar strings or something. It's a fun little guitar, and I'd like to trick it out.
Buy DR black beauties if you want black strings

Great strings.
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