This song is called Darkness, and it's written by everyone in Llahsam(My band).
Pretty simple, 2 guitar tracks, bass, Drums, 3 Vocal tracks. I did quite a bit of layering on the vocal tracks. It's hard to tell, but it gives more power to it. Particularily on the part where is says, "Darkness"
Drums are a bit off, but It's the best it could be at the time. the Drummer for that song screwed up real bad, and the next time we could get him here was 2 weeks later. So, as you can see, nobody wanted to wait 2 weeks.

It's on Youtube.

Limk me to your song, and it will be critiqued within 1-2 business days
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this was not at all a good sound, It was kinda strange because the intro guitar sound was very muddy and I do mean very. then when the drums jumped in it sounded out of sync and didn't really solidify until the verse started. then the song kinda started to make sense afterwards, on a purely honest note though, take out the slap back delay or the reverb on the vocals unless ofcourse thats the double vocals you were talking about. if they were re-do the vocals because your aiming for perfection when you record and thats under the bar.

I checked out the live version of the song to see if that one was better but it just seemed a bit more unrehearsed, you gotta get tighter and make that sound much stronger. aside from that, this is my crit good sir.

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Thanks for the critiques.

That video is still on youtube? Shit, was supposed to take it off. It screwed up while uploading, and I'm missing about a minute areound the beginning
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Take off the reverb on the vocals. And practice and record to a click track. The timing is all over the place throughout the song. The vocals honestly sound like a joke, especially with the shriek at 1:53 and the whispering "No more!" shout at 1:50. In addition, the guitar sounds like it was played through a bass amp--there are LOADS of unnecessary subharmonic frequencies in the guitar tone.

I did a spectrum analysis on the guitar:

Everything from 7k and above is completely non-existent. You should also hi-pass around 60-100hz. Everything around and below that is the bass' job, not the guitars. Cut the mids around 400-600hz and boost everything around 900hz and above.

Sorry if I sound rude, I'm just trying to help improve this. The only way that can happen is through an honest opinion. The original song work could use a bit of work too, especially the vocal lines. Good luck!

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The thing is, the guitar was played through an amp with 2 15" subs, and 2 4" tweeters, and DI'd, with a cab sim.
I didn't really spend to much time with this song, as it is not one of our main ones(Consider it on the B-side) But, that's really no excuse for lack of too much effort I suppose.
I could've plugged in my 30-band EQ, but I got lazy... Cubase AI only has a built in 4-band EQ, so that is a problem.
Know of any free VST EQ's?

Also, will get to critiquing your guys stuff, a bit later, due to it being 11:00 at night, and my ears are ringing 'cause of band practice.
..I was watching my death.