So I was dining at the Hard Rock Cafe and I saw this guitar, I was unable to check it out before we left and the waiter said he didn't know the maker and said it was a custom shop. Any ideas?

An ugly one.
I really have no idea.
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Quote by I- Anarchy
An ugly one.
I really have no idea.

so true...
I haven't seen anything like that..
OMG!! ı will not give a coin for this thing.. Look pickups.. they are.. not .. right :S Ugly!!
My honest guess would probably be ed roman guitars, or an 80's guild guitar
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Reminds me of a Steinberger, except every Stein I've seen had no head.
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It looks like someone cut the 24th fret in half! I bet it would rock, unfortunately you would have to wear pink fishnet spandex and use a can of aquanet to tune it...
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Devries Custom?


I'm a bit surprised he didn't use the dragon inlays, and actually painted the guitar this time.
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