So I am just sitting down with my guitar tabbing out a song out and I here these voices coming out of my amp and after I stop playing guitar and start listening I figured out they were truckers that must have been passing through my town Has this ever happened to anyone else before? this is the first time i have ever had this happen in the years I have had my amp. It sure was interesting

I also got a video


apparently he was talking to a child molester or something

not sure if this is the right place to post this, if it's not I can move it
My amps pick up radio signals when my wah is on and to the floor.


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Yep, picked up a radio once. I think I moved my amp to get rid of it.
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This made me lol literally!
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My amp picked up a transmission suggesting a one world government. The CIA confiscated it soon after.
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My amp picks up conservative christian radio.

thats talent! i'll trade ya?!
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waow, can you play overtop of it or perhaps it would get quiter and louder randomly, could be a cool effect
Its your guitar pickups that are receiving their radio frequency.

Happens sometimes
Yeah, radio plays on my amp too. It's weird, but funny to listen to sometimes
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I got a Mexican radiostation on my amp once, sort of similar to that fuzz at the end of Queens of the Stone Age's No one Knows. I lold. It was like, agabbcbbabdbbabebffBagdgeb-quel cetro mias de prorosabagdbcgabgebfgbagbeg#adebafababa MIOS DIOS agbaggdgcbgbgebffegdbgdgefge
my roommate hobby are CBs and i can hear her voice on the amp when my guitar was un-pluged( and my amp was on ( scared the shit out of me.)) I think i it the 6.3 mm. jack that pickes it up.(my set up is guitar- cord- xbox360(Rock Smith)- tv- headphones.).
I had shield the interior of the amp that i built a while ago because it would always pick up the local variety station. Never picked up any CB stations though.
Should have shielded that shit

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Your amp is possessed. Next thing you know the knobs will spin and it'll spider-walk down the stairs.

Mine doesn't do that.
Although it would explain the fucking static maybe, some radio stations here are nothing but static.
just loop whatever the amp is picking up and play it back over an ocean of feedback and it's a godspeed you! black emperor song
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My overear headphones once started picking up a French radio station, that tripped me out for a bit
Dat bump tho.

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My amps pick up radio signals when my wah is on and to the floor.

This also happened to me once a few years ago.
All of a sudden I heard Arabic music and some people talking in French. Perhaps a shortwave-signal from Algeria or Lebanon is my guess.
As soon as I turned my wah-pedal off, it stopped - and vice versa.

It was definitely interesting.
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My amp used to pick up police radio signals in my old town. It was like listening to just audio of Cops.
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My amp used to pick up police radio signals in my old town. It was like listening to just audio of Cops.

Plenty of nu-metal bands would have paid you double your amp's value for it back in the day.
You get this with old geranium fuzz boxes too. I've picked up loads of random things... One Indian radio show used to make regular appearances through my amp. It used to also pick up the bands rehearsing in the other rooms through their mics.