I thought it might be nice to have an instrumental piece added to my bands set.

My original plan for this is that my bands bassist would play guitar II, and I would switch to bass (I've been playing bass longer than her anyways ). However, as it went, I decided I wanted a climax, and thought that would be quite difficult to do without percussion (I'm the drummer, and sadly, I can't play bass and drums at the same time..... yet).

What I've decided is that the rest of the band will stay as they usually are, and I'll simply switch between Guitar II and Drums. I'm not much of a guitarist (or really a guitarist at all, actually), so it's a good thing I was keeping Guitar II's parts simple anyways.

I'm not so sure on what I have so far; I kind of like how the distorted part sounds, but I'm thinking maybe I should wait for that until I've established the part on Guitar I as the "main riff" of the song; any advice or opinions would be appreciated.

Edit: Okay, so the first draft of the full song is done; tear it to shreds.
Live Interlude.gp5
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Well there's no doubting that it's rather pretty sounding when the harmony comes in, it's just in general very chilled at the start and i like it. The grace notes sound a bit strange, maybe change the length of the grace note or something because at the moment those notes ruin the flow a bit. The lead and rhythm parts sound good now.
And the now the distortion has come in and it sounds pretty decent.

But if you want to improve, have a build up to the distortion, that'd make it a lot more epic. And i'd have guitar I plays some chords to make everything sound bigger, even if it's just playing the same riff that you have there but with fifth chords. Also you could have the drums go to half time at bar 49.
Anyway their just some ideas.

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I wasn't really sure how to program in the grace notes; I just know it sounded right when I was messing around on an acoustic.... I'm not really sure of the exact timing of what I was playing.

I've got a rough draft of the full version done. Seeing as it is now 4:25 AM, I can tell you for sure that I won't be critting your piece now; however, technically, I will crit it today. (just a today that is preferably twelve hours away, and separated from this one by a shower and a decent breakfast).
There's not really much more to crit seeing as although you've added bits its still very similar.
But i can say it has improved. I like that there are drums earlier on and they drop out.
The little build up to the second disto was nice, and the chords made it seem a lot more epic.
And i like the outro as well, nice way to finish things off. This would definitely made a good interlude at a gig, so you have achieved your aim!

Those grace notes are still annoying me though! :P
My songs are all located here .
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Believe me man, they're annoying me too.

I can't get it to sound the way it does when I actually play it.