Right basically i'm coming into some money soon and its gunna be going on a nice new amp my budget is about £750 but i'd prefer to find something for about £600
i gig a lot
www.myspace.com/oceansatealaska to give you an idea of the style we'll be playing
other bands would be Parkway drive, protest the hero blessthefall kinda stuff but i would like a pretty decent clean channel
definately willing to go used
I've thought of Peavey 5150/6505 used peavey xxx bugera 6262/333xl Marshall JVM( i know there not liked round here but im quite fond of them) which would be the most obvious suggestions just want a few more to widen my search and give me more amps to
check out
Current gear is ibanez sas32exfm line 6 flextone boss sd-1
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If you want peoples's ears to fall off, you can get a Bugera 333XL.
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peoples ears falling off is now a good thing?
i liked the fact it had a built in noise gate but im not sure if i'd be able to try one:/
A Marshall DSL401 combo can be had for about £600. Orange Thunder 30? ENGL Thunder 50 combo? Marshall 2266C Vintage Modern 50W combo? VOX AC30C2? All of those can be had for between £600 and £700.

Used is probably your best bet - getting your hands on a Marshall stack is the way to go. Nothing that I've included in that list would be loud enough to fill a proper hall or club or whatever... but if you have a decent PA system available then it wouldn't be as much of an issue.

If you already had a cab, that would make things easier.
Marshall amplifiers are the truest purveyors of rock and roll known to man.

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Holy crap, check this out!
well i'm selling the flextone and getting myself a marshall 1960 cab
(probably might go for a 2x12) so this money is all for the head will have a look at the orange and the Engl but probably need more gain than the other amps had to offer
I'm not sure what a Laney VH100R goes for over there but if you can find one for that price it might be worth a look at.
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in the UK there'd be pretty darn cheap
also my dad used to work with Mr Laney himself:P could see if i could get one cost price
but will try and check one out next time im in a music shop