i have seen people holding their power chords using their first and forth fingers, i have tried to play power chord in that fingering but it seems tough for me to exert proper strength, may i know what is the benefits of playing a power chord using index and pinky? or was it just a personal preference?
p.s. i usually would play power chord using my index, ring and pinky.
sorry for my poor english ^_^
well in this picture hes just playing the root and the fifth, hes not playing the octave. sothat might be why you cant play it. there arent really any advantages, just preference.
It's a personal preference. I think it looks better (especially if you have smaller hands.)
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depends on the song, and your personal preference. Some songs, it doesn't really matter whether you use your pinky or your ring finger. Other songs, you may need to use your middle finger.
If you use index and pinky, the middle and the ring finger are left to do some cool muting if needed.
i like to play with my index finger (duh) and bar the two other strings with my pinky...
probably because my hand is small and using the third finger stretches my hand too much :[]
I use my Index, Ring and Pinky for the Root, 5th, and octave respectively.

However, I also have quite large hands so this is just much more comfortable.

If I were to use my pinky, I'd actually be squeezing my hand together.

In the end, play the notes with whatever is comfortable.
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