Hey guys. I am working on a band bio and i just wanted some opinions. I currently have two different versions.

Version A

Radamanthys is a Melodic Death Metal band from Gaithersburg, Maryland. Radamanthys currently consists of Mo Michaely on vocals, Alex Conti and
Mario Pareja-Lecaros on guitar Basil Chiasson on bass and Ari Mazziota on drums; who all share a passion and desire to create a fresh new sound to an otherwise stale
metal mainstream. Radamanthys strives to combine well known death metal elements, classical lead work and an overall unique method of songwriting
to create a new and innovative sound. Sharing the stage with well known bands such as Ensiferum, Blackguard, Swashbuckle, Korpiklaani, Tyr and others,
Radamanthys has received a warm welcome with the metal fans in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area.

Version B

Officially formed in April of 2009, Radamanthys has had numerous incarnations and lineup changes. However, guitarists Alex Conti and Mario Pareja-Lecaros
have remained the steady force behind the success of Radamanthys. Joining up with Mo Michaely in September of 2009 gave Radamanthys the voice it had been looking
for. A powerful force to be reckoned with, Mo Michaely's growls knock unsuspecting victims to the ground. Soon after, Basil Chiasson and Ari Mazziota joined the rankson bass guitar and drums to provide the thunderous rhythm Radamanthys needed. With classically inspired blazing leads, and ferocious riff work, Radamanthys is bringing new life to the otherwise stale sound of the current metal mainstream.

Opinions, suggestions all welcome
Version A but you could explain a bit more about the band before going to the band members
Yea. Version A is the straightforward one, and Version B is the exaggerated one.

Flibo, what kind of info would you think i should add?