Hey fools

just bought a used car and its got one of those detachable cd tuners installed, but no Aux in. So i wanna buy a new detachable cd tuner one with Aux input, but i don't know if it will fit into my car. Are all the detachable CD Tuners make with a standard attachment thing?

Im clueless with cars n such..thanks.
You'll need to install a new head unit. The attachable plate is unique to box that it attaches to. For example, if you had a sony CD tuner and wanted a JVC, the faceplates for each would only work with their own head unit. The sockets would be in different places or in different shapes
I would think that you would have to get a new head unit if you wanted one with auxilary. The one you have may not be wired the same as one with auxilary. It would probably just be safer getting a new head unit. I don't think they sell the faceplates on their own anyway

Installing it yourself may be a bit of a problem if you're not too great with cars. It's not difficult if you know what you're doing, but it can be if you don't
okay thanks. at the moment im thinking ill just keep using an FM transmitter haha