It depends on how much you spend on them. I have 4 BC Rich guitars and love them. But if you buy a low end BC Rich you really do get a low end guitar/bass. But their neck through guitars are amazing. If you go cheap then it is definitely aesthetics over playbility, but if you go mid/high range you will be good.
The WMD is a well made set-neck bc rich. its a fairly decent buy, but the body shape is a bit odd with the size of the neck lol
That should be good. I wouldnt go any cheaper than that. I have one really cheap $200 guitar and it comes out of tune easy, but my other 3 are $400+ and are great. Good tuners, good electronics and no issues at all. If you can play on it first then I would recommend that above all else. See how it feels and plays to you.

My Warlock which has a similar body is odd to play on.
The BTB has great reviews from what i've seen, but the BC Rich's shape calls out to me...
I don't like the look of the widow, but I have a virgin and it's pretty good. Never played the widow, I imagine it should be fairly decent as the 4 or 5 different B.C. basses I've played are good