Hi guys,

I got a LC 15-R. Its a nice little amp but now at higher volumes its a bit harsh ... Specially the highs, and it can sound muddy with higher gain (i play some hard rock and old metal and even with a distortion pedal which gives me more or less the right voicing - Ibanez Tube King , it has a great 3 band eq - at volume 2 it sounds great but after that it sounds muddy)
Is there a way to get rid some of that harshness and muddyness at higher volume?

Will changing the tubes and speaker help? How good are the tubes on it, they are TAD branded 12 ax7's and El84's ) the guy at my guitar shop told me to swap the preamp to Sovtek's 12 awb's. is it a good choice? thanks.

Please don't tell me to buy a new amp, i don't have much money + im now a student in university so i have to spend for other things and a few upgrades is all i can afford.
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Add KT88 tubes, and a Celestion G10 speaker.
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I've heard that TAD's are quite bright, so maybe put some JJ's in there. Upgrade the speaker and possibly upgrade the Output transformer.
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