that was cool
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I would have tried to keep it more laid back, like Gilmour say... the tapping doesn't fir but the rest is pretty sweet.
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Holy crap, check this out!
By no means bad, but it didn't have any feeling, tbh. Needs more resting on the right notes, instead of just going in patterns up and down a scale. More vibrato (if even subtle) and bends, etc.
Basically work on the feeling, phrasing and timing

If you work on your tone, that could help a lot as well

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Keep it up!
not bad, not bad at all.

just a few critiques, keep in mind that these are just suggestions, in music so much is subjective, so if it sounds good to you, thats all that matters

first, i think your tone could use a little work. to me, there was too much distortion and it was a pretty harsh distortion as well. I'd try to work towards a bit mellower smoother overdrive sound.

like above posters have said, there were too many notes, listen to some pink floyd and listen to how gilmour really made each note count. i heard the edge describe his thought process as being that each note is very expensive, so you want to get as much out of it as you can.

and again, like above posters, work on your vibrato, it can really add a lot of depth and feeling, as well as emphasize important notes.

all in all, nice work!
it was good, though the tone was no where near as good as i thought as it was going to sound. work on the tone and maybe choose a different kind of distortion? the tapping I thought was good, I just think it needed to be a bit more melodic. infact had everything been a kind of melodic shred i think everyone here would be dancing to a different tune.

C4C? the song is in my profile and its called "Postcards from Hell" you can leave the Crit under the song.
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Thank you guys for your critique. I took your advice and I worked on my tone. Now I have some effect pedals to work with and I also started practicing my vibrato more. I got so caught up in speed playing I forgot about the basics.