I'm looking to buy a new amp, i'm trying to only get gear that i'll keep forever, so cost isn't so much of a problem as long as it's not stellar (+£2000)
Also i don't need anything too big as it will mainly be used for recording and playing at home.
The style i'll be playing is roughly post black metal, maybe it's easier to sight bands instead of styles, wolves in the throne room, neurosis, baroness, unearthly trance, mastodon (i know these aren't all post black metal bands) I don't want anything that is just a stock metal amp, because i'm not into that sound.
I've read good things about the versatility of the orange rockerverb 50w combo, i was just wondering what people thought of that or had any other recommendations?
I want an investment of an amp, so if i want to play say hendrix esque stuff on it i can. Thats kinda why i'm leaning to orange...versatility?

Any help would be really appreciated.
you'll want something along the lines of a caa pt100 or od100se+, fryette pitbull, framus dragon/cobra, engl.
I'm not sure the rv is going to have nuf gain for you.
Prs se Holcomb is the answer