ok can someone give me a rough guide on why people want to use preamp boosters such as JE-1000 or the MM-04 On-Off Boost Switch and insert them in the guitar? how does it work and does it have a switch(like the volume pot on every guitar)
Also,what is a bad situation to use it?
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Iirc the JE-1000 is a simple, single BJT amplifier. It feeds the volume pot to give you a bit of a boost. I can't remember if they have a bypass but it wouldn't be hard to add one. It's one way of driving the input of a valve amp harder. You can always back it off if you want it cleaner like you do with active pickups.
Not a fan, if it used a FET I'd be more interested but meh ..............
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^ probably also acts like a buffer, to help defeat the effects of longer cables?
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