So I won this essay contest on entitlements (exciting topic I know) and the reward is an all expense paid trip to washington d.c. for a week. I wouldn't be going alone go though, theres like fifty other kids going from my state. I guess we would be touring and see the sites and such. The entire thing is put on by an electric company and after reading and hearing some of the other essays, my essay seemed to be the only liberal one of the bunch.

This would be cool and all but I am a particularly shy person. I would know absolutely no one there and would somehow have to make friends with complete strangers. I've met a few people going and we have few familiarities. They are staunch conservatives and come from rural towns while I am almost the exact opposite. My alternatives to this are working and playing guitar. Should I go? Would you go?
Get drunk. Works like a charm. Also, drugs can help. I hear cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Take an acoustic with you, and when you start playing you will notice that all the girls want to be with you and all the guys want to be you. Guitars are good that way.
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Holy crap, check this out!
just have fun i guess, i mean dont let a trip go to waste
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Even if you're too shy to socialize, Washington DC is a very fun and interesting environment. I would definitely go if I were you.
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