ok, so im trying to play hey jude by chord for the first time and no matter how hard i try i cant get it to sound right i know the chords but im guessing its my strumming pattern it sounds awful any suggestions on how to fix it?
check the tuning on your guitar, listen to it while playing (stop and go back whenever you mess up), don't rely 100% on tabs -- they're generally partially wrong.


lesson: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lwUVplmxTQ&feature=related
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Well, to begin with, you want to play an F, which can be done in a few ways... The strumming pattern is fairly simple. You may also wish to say the syllable 'na' many, many times.
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usually chord sheets are more reliable than tabs (i don't know why just my experience).
Don't rely on chord sheets 100 percent either. Listen to the strumming pattern. If you find an instrumental version of the song it will be a lot easier for you to decipher the strumming pattern. make sure your guitar is tuned and that your making the chords right and such