Hey guys, I've had a Road Runner gig bag for about a year now, and it's starting to worry me a lot. One of the zippers broke off, and there's a good amount of foam exposed, and so I'm worried my bass is just gonna rip through it one day and get scratched (or worse). Problem is, I don't wanna spend half of what I spent on my bass for a case made just for it, so what should I get that will last me a long time and hold different basses?
Look for used cases on craigslist. Depending on what bass you have you might be able to just get a generic case that fits a lot of different body styles.
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This is a great case and will fit any bass. (if you cant find a special ibanez gsr case)

I'm not so sure if I'd trust something by Musician's Gear. I got a couple mic stands a while back from them that were total shit, so I'm a little weary of taking a risk like that.
I you want to go the soft route, get the Kaces Polyfoam Boutique. I dont have experience with this case in particular, but I have an older Kaces gigbag that is fantastic. Super padded and durable. 10+ years and still going strong. Kaces is top notch in gig bags.
Depends on your needs TS. I have both.

When Im going to band practices, pit rehearsals, or anything "local" really, I take a gig bag. Its the kind that comes with waricks and is by far the best gig bag available. Its all leather exterior (including straps), plush fabric interior, padding under the neck, and all the moving parts (the strap locks, etc) are metal. Also, two huge pockets

If Im gonna be on the road for a few days, I take the case, which is a no name case that I got used at a garage sale. But its in great condition. Its one of those plain rectangles and has locks
My best case is by far my Coffin Case. Its massive enough to hold a variety of different size/shaped basses, its solid as a rock, has locking clasps, and hasn't shown hardly any wear after 6 years of steady use. They're a tad on the expensive side, but I'd say its worth spending a little extra on.

And if its too dreary a style, you can always sticker it up to make it a bit more cheerful looking
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Make a post on your local craigslist looking for a hardshell case. I'm sure there are plenty of people with them looking to free up some space.

Personally I bought the best hardshell SKB case Guitar Center carried: http://www.guitarcenter.com/SKB-SKB-44-Deluxe-Universal-Electric-Bass-Guitar-Case-100241436-i1177906.gc

Completely understandable if you don't want to spend that kind of money on a case, but I'm 99% positive I could successfully defend myself from an army of midgets armed strictly with my bass case as a blunt object and my precious Ibanez would come out unscathed.
I was walking to school with my bass in my gig bag, I was holding it at my side. Decide it would be a good idea to cross the road without looking. BAMMM. Car hits me, well it actually collided with my bass! Sends me flying, no major damage to the car or me (apart from some scratches and shock) and no damage to my bass apart from the strings were kinked where they were pressed over the frets.

I think the gig bag + bass saved me from suffering further injuries because otherwise, the impact of the car would have been focused on the side of my knee rather than spread across my legs.

Thats a Ritter gig bag and I continue to use it today.

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cases are better hands down.
the best cases ive used are SKB cases. they not only make instrument cases, but they also make cases for the US military and industrial.
how can you say no to that.
If you don't want to deal with the weight or cost of a hard case, look at the Gator GL Lightweight Bass Guitar cases. I own one and for transport and storage, its a great case. I think I paid about 70 USD for mine. It a nice compromise between the two options.
I use both cases and gig bags.

IT depends on where I'm going to and the need drive to the gig's location.
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To be sure, when you go buy a case, you might want to bring your bass or something to make sure that it fits. Because I have the SKB bass case and it fits my Ibanez BTB perfectly, but my Schecter Studio 5 fits in there horribly.
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