It's been a week since I started learning this, I'm having a lot of trouble with the arpegio's at the end. And the power metal portion.

I know I'm not good yet, but I just need feedback since no one ever taught me anything so I never get a response as to what I'm doing right wrong.


and if I could get some tips on my tone, I mean I like it but I'm running a GNX3 through a Line 6 Spider III I've had for the last 1 year and 6 months I've been playing.

I'm thinking the arpegio's are just something practice will help me get.
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Hey man, good job. It's a tough song for sure. I think the majority of the rhythm stuff is pretty good but the tapping at the beginning and the middle of the song need to be cleaned up a bit. Practice it slow first and then keep increasing the speed. The same goes for the sweeping; you've got the arps down, just need to practice slow and build your speed. You can definitely pull it off with some practice!

Good job! Keep working at it!
Thanks And yeah, I notice my face changes a lot on the parts you mentioned.

I was thinking about getting that little band that they use to mute the strings out soon, but I never find one that fits my neck right.