I have a new-condition Marshall TSL 122 2x12 Combo, original speakers, recently re-tubed (10-20 hours on them), footswitch, cables, packed up and ready to ship for an insane price:

$650 shipped/insured/ppgift!!! (can take regular paypal, but I'd like you to pickup the fees)

This is a do-it-all 3-channel amp, with spring reverb (the last of the Marshall channel switchers to offer true spring reverb - the JVM series moved to a digital reverb). This is on casters for rolling in and out of gigs, and can offer crystal clear cleans, plexi crunch, high-gain rock and metal, and everything in-between. Great FX loop, and switchable 25/100-watt so you can setup great tone at home as well as playing live.

Original Celestion speakers sound broken-in and fantastic.

Here's the deal - I bought this from a forumite and while I was waiting for it to ship, ended up buying a high-priced guitar I really wanted. I really can't afford to keep this, considering I have several other amps, so I now have it boxed up and ready to ship same-day as payment, first-come-first-served. This is a GREAT price for a 2x12 TSL 100-watt combo, you can find the heads selling for more than this, forget about an entire combo package ready to play.