Haven't posted on here in a good while now. But I bring back with me something slightly out of the ordinary for you guys.

Ill skip straight to the pics

Gibson SG GT and a Mesa/Boogie Studio Preamp with a Marshall EL34 50/50 Power Amp

Its only sitting ontop of an AVT cabinet so far.. but I've tried it through a Mesa 2x12, when I was trying out the Marshall before I got it actually, and it was undoubtably the shiz.

Rather than get myself a Bugera 6262 I saved up and I think I made the wise choice definately impressed by this setup.

Without further a-do, heres my short review:

Thrashy Mark IIC+? I'm pretty sure, style tone. The reason I like its tone so much is its got the thrashy kinda, Slayer kind of thrash twist to it, but at the same time its got all the high gain you need for squealing pinches and INSANE low end, stuff you'd not really imagine when you think thrash tone.. but yeah, sure I have the bass whacked up on the graphic EQ, but it gives it balls.. with the traditional bass knob higher it just gets muddier IMO.

Another thing to note is it is very mid heavy, but the mid knob actually does nothing xD and I'm deadly serious here, you turn it to 10, play a riff, turn it to 0, play it again, and only the highly trained ear will hear a very minor difference. But even so, the mid is quite punchy so I have it at just the right spot on the graphic eq. That middle slider basically changes the whole mid voicing of your tone.

The reverb is pretty bad, but I dont really use reverb anyways, but if I did it would have to be modded if I were to use it or id use a reverb unit instead.

The clean tone is very nice, even with the settings I have it on, it is a fairly dirty clean, but good enough to pass of clean sections of a song. Personally I think its alright as it is. Buying another unit for cleans is something for the future but for now a footswitch will do

Oh and a final note, the knobs are all crazy like any other Mesa.. the first volume controls all the signal going through the tubes basically D: and its just, weird, the treble affects gain, the 'drive' only introduces gain into the V3 stage? Not sure if that makes sense but yeah.. xD anyways..

Tonnes of balls to it!
Starts getting good at 3-4, stops getting good (with my cabinet) at around 7.
At 50 watts a channel it is very loud. Not as loud as people seem to make out to be honest but with that much range on the volume knob that it fits just right for practise and live purpose.

I haven't tried it in stereo as of yet because I've not got another cab to try with.. but even so I doubt I would ever even bother.. its really not practical, atleast it gives me a fresh set of tubes on one side if I go through any problems. A great backup plan

It has presence, gain and a voicing switch:
presence does what its mean't to, gain is the volume.. but the voicing is a little odd.
With it in 'B' mode, which is basically it engaged, it sounds bassier and more modern. With it out it sounds just, a little more flat tbh.
This is cool for me, if im playing thrashier stuff I use it in A mode, and B mode for more chugga stuff.

Basically it does the job, and at the same time it makes anything you plug into it have some extra beef. My pod into it sounds much better and it complements the Mesa just right.

Straight in with the Gibson bashing.
It does have its quality flaws, luckily its just the electronics for me. The tone pots are a little scratchy, but I dont really use them much. Also it hums a little, but has no feedback issues. Ill eventually take it in and have it sorted out but it has made do so far.

The rest of the guitar is fabulous, its great to play, sounds brilliant, coil tappable, nice frets, mahogany setneck construction with ebony fretboard and mirrored fret markers.

I just really like the look and feel of the guitar, personal taste really, although I'd never really been into SG's till now

Down to prices:
I got the SG as a present, aswell as the Mesa. (no I'm not rich, I put in alot )
And I've never been sure about the prices, however, I know the Mesa was less than 500 and the SG was less than 700. But they are in brilliant condition so I'm not complaining

The Marshall was 320 at PMT in Southend. I struck a deal with one of the guys there, and 300 is the going cheaper rate for those power amps on Ebay anyways so I was happy paying for it

Now its your turn!
Suggest me what I could do to improve my rig!
Power condition suggestions (baring in mind I'm in the UK)
A rack case will be on its way soon.
Fresh cable suggestions?
Tube suggestions?
And any other unit you think could be essential to me.

Edit: Sorry for huge pics D:

Thanks for reading all this crap,
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Nice rig!

What I would try to add, should I be in your position, would be...

2 Orange 2x12 cabs for stereo. (You have the ability to run it in stereo so why not, right?) And a T.C. Electronics G Major for various modulation and delay. Then maybe a nice overdrive and wah (if you're a wah guy, I'm not personally) and you should be all set.

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Now that's a NGD!! Very nice indeed.
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****!! HNGD!!! thats pretty tight. And that has to be the best looking SG Ive ever seen. Not a fan of the normal red 61 sg's, but that one right there, thats a damn good looking one!
You're turning that power amp up to 7/10 and it's not that loud???

Something's wrong there then. That thing should be destroying your ears.

Regardless, HNAD! Always wanted one of those Marshall poweramps, they look so cool
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I orgasm'd when I saw that SG.
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i've gotta say, that's one classy rig.

no suggestions here though ;o
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thats amazing
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I'll try to find you

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Nice Rig! I've always wanted to try the Marshall EL34 50/50. Oh and sweet SG!

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very nice NGD. i want some clips. lol.
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That is undoubtedly one of the best NADs I've seen in a very long time.

I'd like to have a setup like yours soon.

Mesa preamp + Marshal poweramp = win!
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I usually hate SG's but I have to admit that that thing is beautiful

Warning: The above post may contain lethal levels of radiation, sharp objects and sexiness.
Proceed with extreme caution!
very well done.

maybe an M13 in the loop, orange cabs because you have a green guitar.