So over the past month or so, I have had countless views and feedback input from 10 or so different forums I subscribe to about how the entire community would like to see in a new on line music store. I get the same response across the board:

1. 99% of the viewers like the site layout
2. 100% of the viewers hate my side menu (I do to, I'm trying really hard to fix it).
3. 100% leave because I don't have a search bar (should be fixed in a week or so).

I really appreciated all of this input from everyone. But I still feel like the site is missing something.

Would manufacturer information help? How about a Charity button? (which we work with two right now, and I'm always all ears for more to get on board with) RSS feeds from manufacturers or NAMM?

I really want to clean this site up so it suits the entire community in the best way possible.

If you need the URL, please PM me.

Thank you everyone for your input!

Greg Priebe
I looked at your site, and there's actually one thing I miss... An option to sort by price, A-Z, etc.
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Thank you for the reply. I'll see what I can do to get some better sorting options in there.

Hey folks,

Sorry I've been away so long. I've updated the site and I hope you all find it much more user friendly. Check it out if you have time and feel free to give me some input again.

Thank you!