For sale is 2003 PRS Custom 24. Has 3-way pickup selector with push-pull coil splitter. This thing screams! Has a few dents/ nicks, nothing to affect play. Includes hardshell case. Selling because I play more bass these days. 1800 shipped.
Could you include your location and more pics of the guitar?

This being your first post, and the asking price so high, it can look suspicious. Preferably the photos would have a piece of paper saying "champlainbass - UG" or similar.
Good call, I am in upstate New York. Peru, NY to be exact. I should have stated shipped in US. I didn't figure the worldwide scope of this forum. I can attach pics with my name, but I don't have any now. I also have it listed locally on craigslist in vermont and plattsburgh, NY. Here's a couple more in the meantime.