My current setup is in my sig.

I hate my ibanez stock pickups they are just plain bad, but I have never bought new pickups before so I have no real preferences.

The kinda tone I am going for is like Satch/Vai and also bands like Trivium and BFMV when i'm the playing with my band.

I hear good things about dimarzio and Blackouts - What do you think I should look at?
You are one of those people that could benefit from swapping the magnets in your pickups. Your neck pickup uses a ceramic magnet and would sound better with alnico. Your bridge pickup uses an alnico magnet and would sound better with ceramic. The solution is to take the magnet from the neck and put it in the bridge. Then put the magnet from the bridge in the neck. This will make your neck pickup have a warmer tone with more midrange and because midrange is what your amp, and your ears, hear the easiest, it means your neck will sound like it's got more output and it'll drive your amp harder. The ceramic magnet in the bridge will tighten the low end, expand your frequency range, increase actual output, and give more cut to the top end. It's free to try and if you don't like it then you haven't really lost anything so you might as well give it a shot.

Otherwise I recommend one of my buttmonkey bridge pickups and a silver back neck. Still... You should try the free option 1st because most people in your situation that try the magnet swap are totally happy with their tone and don't need new pickups. Then you could spend the money on pedals instead
Hey thanks for telling me about that, I tried it tonight.

To be honest I could notice a difference but I still didn't like the tone, these pickups just aren't for me.

So i'm just going to buy some new ones, but I don't know what, any recommendations?

These look nice http://www.thomann.de/gb/seymour_duncan_sahb1s.htm
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