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Before you say no, theres no signing up, registering or anything. You just click, type in a zipcode and your done.

My band is trying to win that opening slot for KISS in Hershey, PA. It would mean a lot for us to win that, Ive always liked KISS a lot, and to open for the band that has influenced all my idols would be beyond real. All you do is go here... find my band which is Xstrophy (you can even check us out at or the vids we play better than the CD but the quality is nowhere near as good.) After you find us just click demand, and type in the zip 17033 to demand us in Hershey opening for Kiss.

Thank you guys so much, and if this is violating the rules mods please feel free to move it.

EDIT: FREE digital copies of my bands EP if we get in the top 5 and win for everyone that voted.

Heres some vids of us playing last weekend opening for Lizzy Borden, quality isnt amazing but not terrible either. Inject Me With Pain Respect The Devil's Nightmare The Devil Went Down To Georgia cover
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demanded! good luck!
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That won't happen, and if it did none of the 50 year-old, beer-swilling KISS fans will care anyway.

Instead, practice. And good luck. And prove me wrong.

I'm pretty damned sure I'm right, though.
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nah man, the 50 year olds actually like our music. well some of them at least. And were good enough to make it, industry reps have said so, we have possible deals in the works with Metal Blade right now, basically the only thing holding us back is our weak EP, which was done a year ago in a basement.

After saying all that, I do agree were a bit out of our genre, but still its worth a shot, and yes, practicing makes perfect, which is why for 4 hours twice a week we practice the hell out of our songs.
Done, man!
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^^ yeah thats another band for a different city of competition.

Thanks for all the votes guys, it realy means a lot were getting closer and closer to the goal of being in at least 5th place! all your votes help, and it really does mean a lot to me and my band!
Voted, good luck
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the fuck?!

I picked "germany" on the countries list, and get an error message "Location not found"

whoever programmed that voting page is a frigging idiot
Play fair. Best band should win. Then again, I'm sure everyone's doing this in their own way. I'm not supporting this though!
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I prefer Overloaded. I voted for them.
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Play fair. Best band should win. Then again, I'm sure everyone's doing this in their own way. I'm not supporting this though!

Eh its not a matter of the best band its a matter of who can get more people to click the demand button. At least I'm getting different people to vote. I know a lot of people are just deleting cookies, and voting with the same email hundreds of times.

Thanks again to everyone who is helping me/my band out, it really does mean a lot!
Thanks so much guys! we went from 26th place to like 8th in less than a day. but we still need more votes, at least getting into the top 5 to be eligible. Any votes will help, and me and my band personally thank every last one of you for any support. Hell, if we win, free CD's for people who post in here that they voted XD.
Voted. You guys sound good, your material is just in desperate need of re-recording
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Voted. You guys sound good, your material is just in desperate need of re-recording

dude... you have no idea. if you watch vids of us live, its night and day compared to the EP we put out. I regret putting it out now, because we got so much better as a band now... not that its terrible, but the quality isnt there. but it is what it is... just a demo.
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How dat shit work yo?
well i just voted 8 or nine times under different emails. I stopped when one of them was already in use on that site.

i better get a free cd
Hah. I demanded your band for the wrong place, should've read your post more carefully.

Well, good luck.

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VOTED!!!!!! i wish you good luck sir. And i would love a free CD
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