They're two very different guitars. Both soundwise and in looks.

The MIM '72 Tele Thinline has humbucking pickups, different pickguard and an f-hole, while the MIK Lite Ash Tele has the standard Telecaster single-coils and body/pickguard design.

Personally, i'd go with the MIK Lite Ash Tele, just because i prefer the standard Telecaster look and the single-coils.
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um, very different guitars

id personally go with the MIM one simply because one of the best T-style guitars ive ever played was a G&L semi-hollow with humbuckers. its not going to sound an awful lot like a tele, but it will be a really solid all around rock/blues/jazz/punk maching.

furthermore, im not a fan of the cheaper teles. the pickups (especially the neck) always seem to be a little murky and too soupy sounding, lacking that tele bite.

it really depends on what you'll be playing though as well as which one you prefer the feel of (im assuming you'll have a chance to test either one), as they will be very different