I've been looking at two amps over the past few weeks, the VOX AC30 CC2 and the Fender Deluxe Reverb.

I can get the Vox for a fair bit cheaper, but I'm concerned about its loudness. I played a fair few Vox's today and they sounded fantastic. Tonally great, albeit very loud.

I haven't been able to try out a Deluxe Reverb. This is the amp I originally wanted out of the two. That being the case I haven't been able to try it out so I don't know how it actually sounds.

My options are driving 1h30 away to meet the guy selling the Deluxe Reverb and trying it out/buying it, OR, I could just get an AC30.

Note: I'm buying amps used and none of the stores near me have a Deluxe Reverb so I can't really ask them to buy one in/have one transported from another store/their warehouse.

What course of action would you recommend?
I'm pretty sure the place where I study music has some Deluxe Reverbs in the jam rooms and they sounded pretty bad. I'm like 95% sure they were Deluxe Reverbs. Depends what your playing through it though. If you do want to try it though it can't really hurt to go for a drive and see if you like it
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Since you originally wanted the Deluxe Reverb, i wouldn't settle for the AC30 without at least trying the Deluxe Reverb.

You already tried the AC30... I'd take the chance and drive the 1h30 to meet the guy and try the amp.
Sure, it could be a wasted trip; but at least you made an informed decision, and you won't regret it later.
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