Well the song Home... I was messing around in E Harmonic Minor and came up with the intro riff and decided to work with it and this is what I've got so far. After tabbing it all out I noticed the huge similarity to Dream Theater's Home. Should I just scrap this due to the similarity or continue it due to I am a huge DT fan and I guess it shows their influence?

C4C It's not much of the song is almost a minute of just one guitar but I was wondering what you all thought of the intro and first riff. I do C4C even on this little bit of what I have so far.
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yeah i hear the similarity.

i would only continue it if you could come up with some other riffs to distinguish it from DT. i wrote a led zeppelin riff once, and a black sabbath riff another time, and when i realized what they were, i trashed them.
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John Petrucci? 0.o Nah im kidding but ja, it does sound a lot alike :P Scrap it and start a fresh imo!