Hey guys. This is my first thread here, so if I screw up too badly, don't kill me out of hand.

Anyway, I'm interested in building a guitar this summer, specifically a 7-string solid body. I've never done anything of this sort before, but my dad's a carpenter and one of his coworkers has built several guitars in the past, so I should be ok as far as that business goes. Before I start, I need to know what exactly I need to build this thing.

Here's what I expect to give me the most trouble:
-The neck. I want a 24 fret neck. I have the necessary information to make my own neck. What tools and materials would I need to do this myself? Would I be better off buying a pre-made neck online from someone like Warmoth?

-The pups. I'd like a bright, high-output pup in the bridge and a warm, moderate-high output pup in the neck. What do you guys recommend as far as 7-string pups go for those? Assume I have a limited budget (probably $300 for pups) to work with at absolute maximum, probably less.

-Routing and wiring. How much leeway should I leave myself when routing (how much extra space for the pup)?

Anything you guys can offer on these subjects would be great. And if you have any extra info you just want to throw at me, go right ahead.
As far as Pups I'd go with something like a Blaze, Evolution, or D-Sonic in the bridge and either a Air Norton or PAF-Pro in the neck. I have a Blaze 7 in my Squier 7 and it's the same DiMarzio used in the old Ibanez Universe. The pups are all DiMarzio and should be around 60-80 or can be bought off Ebay for that price roughly I think. Depending on the Neck Pre-made from Warmoth or whatever is easier I haven't had to deal with fretting a guitar so can't tell ya. Though if you want to go Neck Through make your own I'd say. That's all the advice I can offer for now I haven't really built anything.
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The first thing I'd suggest to you is do a lot of reading on this site, this site, and get Make Your Own Electric Guitar by Melvyn Hiscock. It has lots of good information on all the processes involved.

For neckmaking, to do the entire thing from scratch would involve a radius block, frets, fret saw, a fret saw mitre box (which you can build), a fret crowning file, and a means of pressing the frets in: either a fretting hammer, a radius block and some clamps, or a fret press attachment for a drill press if you have one. You'd also need tools for carving the neck. Most people use a spokeshave and rasps.
In the short run, it's probably a little bit cheaper to buy a prefabricated neck, but for multiple projects, the tools pay off, and you get more options and choices.

I like active pickups, but that's me. With $300, you can get almost anything.

Make routing templates out of 1/2" thick MDF. If you double stick tape them down and have them secured well, then it makes routing far easier and cleaner than free-hand stuff.
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