Ok I'm decent on guitar and learning bass but I need some help. Unless I find someone that sings better than me, I'll end up doing different things at different times (guitar/singing, bass/sing, etc.) but I'm needing some advice. I'm still looking for someone to do drums and someone to do bass/guitar/backing vocals while my friend will work as keyboards/guitars, and I'd love to have some kind of electronic feel like Linkin Park has. Should I leave my band at 4 people or bring in a fifth to do sampling/turntables/etc? I know this isn't something that could be answered easily for another person but I'd just like some advice.
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you could but it's probably better to start with 4. In my experience everything goes way faster with 4; writing, agreeing, practicing you name it. you can always bring in a 5th member if you feel the need