Basically, I have this electric guitar that I got years ago when I first started learning, it's pretty run of the mill. It came with an amp and guitar set, 20 watt amp, black strat copy guitar, the usual, for about £150. I've never had another electric guitar since, but recently I've become in great need of having a decent one, because I've joined a band and in a few months I'm starting a performance course for school.

I could just buy a brand new guitar, the one I have in mind being a squier classic vibe telecaster custom for around £300, or I could upgrade this bad one I have for a 3rd of that. I just can't decide, mainly because I don't know if this guitar is worth upgrading or not. Upgrading it would cost about £100 to make it almost as good as the telecaster, but I just don't know. So I'm posting this to ask the more experienced people on here what to do.

My current crappy electric guitar is a brand Eastcoast, which no one has heard of...I think it's a brand owned by the massive guitar shop in Birmingham UK which some of you may know. It has single coil pick ups which don't sound too bad, but the action is all messed up, and there's buzz on certain frets. A while ago I got reccomended to replace to bridge pickup with a ket armstrong single coil, but I really know nothing about this kind of thing. I know this is kinda unclear but maybe some of you clever guys could give a simple yes or no answer, if you want me to be clearer just comment, I'll be happy to answer the questions I can.


P.s. I also once wound a whammy bar to tight into the bridge and I snapped off a little tip of it that's still in there. Any suggestions on what to do for this would be very helpful too, thanks.
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I remember someone else who knows how to get the parts of trems out but regarding other questions:

I would definately upgrade, rather than buying it as if you can get the same parts for a third of the price, you can get even better than the tele for the same price as it.

You should look into changing as much as possible in which ever order is most important

1) nut
2) strings
3) sheilding cavities
4) bridge/trem
5) tuners
6) work on fretboard - possible smooth and refret?
7) pups if you're bothered..

Anything else won't affect sound much, and make sure your using their amp or having a pretty good one as tone comes majorly from the amp not the guitar.


i would say to get a new one, then at least you won't do any harm to the one you have trying to upgrade.
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I hate those who say that because they just won't put some effort in, it's not polishing a turd, it's upgrading a turd, you don't spit on the tuners then rub them clean you get brand new ones.


ok the fret buzz will be sorted by getting it 'set-up' i took my dean to my local dawsons music shop today and they charge £45 for a set-up which includes intonation, truss rod and all the stuff that goes with it and new strings of my preferred gauge. about the bridge go to www.axesrus.com for a new one, they're very cheap and also free UK delivery so nothing that will cost you a bomb. just checked and they're cheapest one is around £16. if you fit it before you get it set up then the tech in the shop will sort it all out. they also sell pickups on that site aswell if thats what you want. to get them fitted you can either take them to a guitar store that does repairs and set-ups and they'll fit them at a cost or there's companies that just specialise in repairs. if you don't know where to start, just phone up your local major guitar shop whether it be dawsons, dolphin or wherever else and ask them to reccomend a good local guitar repair place. they will always look to help you out in any way possible.
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Yeah, starter guitars are great for starting out cheap. In the end I busted up the starter guitars rock star style just because I knew I had reached the guitar's playing capability limits. It's time for a newer or better one.
if your "bad guitar" were an old beat up MIM strat or tele or something then i'd say absolutely, upgrade it! but in this case i'd say try saving up some money and get a guitar you'll be completely happy with. if you upgrade this guitar you might just end up finding out that you put a bunch of money into it and still don't really like it. definitely not a good thing. just my thoughts.
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