Right, so I've recently bought a Randall VMax from my friend, and while its great and all, I find its distortion at lower volumes can be slightly muffled. I was just wondering what my fellow UGers use pedal-wise to get a little bit more bite out of their distortion?

Also; Im looking to get a nice reverb pedal to embellish my clean playing, any pedals you reckon I should check out? Note that I'm not after vintage type reverb, more of a sort of modern sound such as the sort on songs like Hessian Peel by Opeth, Electric Counterpoint III by Steve Reich (Pat Metheny on guitar), middle section of Nightmare to Remember by Dream Theater, etc.
You'll want a boost pedal like a Bad Monkey, TS9, Maxon 808 or Fulltone OCD to better your distortion.

I'd suggest a delay pedal before a reverb. Delay naturally creates a little bit of reverb and sounds cool in its own. Any old delay pedal will go alright.
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I agree with sammo, I have this crappy little delay (It's the arion in my sig) and while my Crate has a very nice built in reverb, I can turn that all the way down (No reverb) and have this pedal running on "Long" delay, and it creates a minor kind of reverb on it's own. Sounds very cool, like using it for progressive type music (Nothing in particular just kind of messing around on my own)
While I do like Delay, I'm probably goiing to get a Boss DD7 or something similar after i buy these two pedals, I just particularily want reverb atm.

Just in your opinion, out of the few distortion pedals you mentioned, which do you reckon is best?