Odd question

I'm learning johnny b goode and its coming along ok. But there's a series of fast bend with a note between them, and I'm really strugling with this part.

In reality other than lots of practice do you have any hints or tips?

Thanks alot
I have preformed Johnny B Goode for audiences a couple times. The song is played easiest in A, but the actual song is in A#. As for the fast bends in the begining and second chorus, they just need to be practiced a lot. I'm a pretty good guitarist, it took me a couple days to get them to sound how i wanted them though. Those kinds of bends aren't really used in most songs, so its like learning a new technique. Also, i found it hard to play it EXACTLY like the recording, i changed the rhythm of the bends a little.

I will see if i can upload a recording of me playing it.
Yeah, try this one: PRACTICE!
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You should be doing so already, but make sure you arent just using single fingers for bends; always try and back up your bending finger with others to strengthen the bend itself. You should find them easier this way, and should be able to find yourself playing them faster with less effort.
In the solo of "The Trooper" there is a sequence of fast bending and hammer ons that took me a while to get down.
Play it at a slower BMP and increase it as much as you can as long as you are keeping the accuracy. You'll be able to speed it eventually and nail it
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Well yes practice I know obviously.

Yes I was using 2 finger bends but fair point to bring up.

Toothless I will try it in A and I'd love to hear an upload if you playing it.

If I ever get it down ill upload myself

Thanks for the help guys