me and my band have been assigned to do a rock cover of the motown song 'dancing in the street'- i am real stuck for ideas on this, can you guys please help me?
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step 1: figure out chords as power chords
step 2: add a breakdown
step 3: tune to Bb
step 4: play for teacher
step 5: ???
step 6: profit!
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can anyone give me a hand with working out the chords? this is the first time i have ever done stuff like this
thats ****ing bullshit, im sorry this guy asked for help and you link him to that atrocity. work out the root chords and shcuk in as power or barre chords, im in a similar situation, i have to metal up Jolene!

If you need help on Jolene, the White Stripes covered it on Under Blackpool Lights and it sounds pretty cool.