your opinions.
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Can't really go wrong with either of those amps, you'll have to try them both.
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To be honest, for that sorta stuff I think both would be quite well suited.

My advice would be to try out both if you can and just go for whichever you prefer the sound of.
I tried the dsl 401, liked it and the rocker 30 head with 4x12 cab, liked it too, i dont like the od 2 at the marshall, imho too much gain, but i have a ts10. I like a bit more the orange design but the dsl are 2nd hand cheaper, what is important for a 14 year old.
@duv: thanks, but im from austria and shipping would be too much.
I read that the dsl combos are shit.
To say the DSL combo is 'shit' is harsh. I agree about the OD channel. That's the reason I'm selling it. I can see this amp working really well for an all out rock/perhaps even metal guy, but for me this amp just isn't right anymore. I end up never using the OD channel and just use my TS9 for drive.

It's not shit though. I do use it sometimes. It's fun. It would be way more fun in someone else's hands though.
I've not played the orange, but I've got a DSL 100 head and I love it.

I'm gonna tell you what I tell everyone asking about a DSL...as long as you're not trying to play metal it's good. In my opinion it just can't do metal....the OD2 with gain up is just way too loose and fizzy, even boosted it didn't sound right. For anything less than that I like it though.

I have mine mainly set up for punk/rock and I really like it.

If you'll excuse my fantastically bad drums and the fact that I got the tempos wrong on the songs heres a couple of clips of various DSL tones....

Blues Rock: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2298596/NGD%20Febuary%202010/Clips/Sunshine.mp3

Classic Rock: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2298596/NGD%20Febuary%202010/Clips/Highway.mp3

Pop Punk: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2298596/The%20Randy%20Experience/The%20Randy%20Experience%20II/Complicated.mp3

Hope this helps!
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I take my comment about the DSL back, tried one today and really disappointed with it.
Ibanez PGM301 signed by Paul Gilbert
Ibanez PGM 500
Ibanez Fireman custom
Saving for a GH100L/VH100R
Orange PPC212 2X12
I should go for a 2nd hand rocker30?? Or is there any other good amp for my music which isnt more expensive than 1200 and has lower watt than 50.
I also read that the rocker 30 is good for stoner rock.
Is the rocker 30 much better than the dsl???
I mostly play Them Crooked Vultures, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Jet, Queens of the stone age, Neil Young, Stones, Doors, Franz Ferdinand, Foo Fighters, The who, The Strokes, Beatles, Mando diao, clapton, coldplay, Black rebel Motocycle club...
Please help!!!
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Make sure you crank your Masrhalls before you critique them.
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But what does it help me when my marshall sounds ****in good ****in loud and live, when i cant crank it so much it sounds shit.
Anyone who could compare those amps and knows other amps for my music?
Out of those two I'd get the Orange by a long shot, I wasn't impressed with the DSL (or any current production marshalls for that matter)
I never played a Marshall i really liked. But i only played "newer" Marshall. Dsl, Tsl, Ma, Haze, mg and didnt like any of them really. I played the vox ac 30 and it didnt blow me away. I think fender isnt not very good for me, because i dont play clean very often, overdrive is more important. Played once a dual terror on a marshall 4x 12 ( i think they were v30s) and it was good, played the rocker 30 on same cab and it blew me away, but the dsl blew me 1 month ago too.
is the rocker worth to pay 200 more than for the dsl?
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