lately i have been having a hard time understanding guitar theory. what books or website are there that are good for learning guitar theory?
this site has a wealth of knowledge on many topics. also check out wholenote
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My site. Also Mike Dodge has a very informative site, but there is a series here called the Ultimate Guide to Guitar that's very useful.

If you are specifically limited to free sites, don't check mine out but Mike Dodge and the series here are free, and under the free category they are as good as you are going to be able to find.


Do yourself a favor and check out Fretboard Logic volumes 1-3. If you read and understand all three of those books, you are well on your way to becoming a musician instead of a guitar player.

Another good one is Peter Fischer's Rock Guitar Secrets. The book explains a good amount of theory and goes pretty in depth with all the playing techniques a guitar has to offer. It also comes with audio jam tracks to apply specific scales to as well as a ton of licks and exercises.

Those four books are a really good base for any guitarist to start from.