I need the wiring diagram for an Ibanez SV5470 . If some one can help me, I`ll do appreciate it.
I'm unable to find out if that is a 5 or 3 way switch by doing a quick search. But if it is just a 3 way that you just need to follow a standard strat diagram but swap to one master tone instead of the 2 tones.
Is a5way super switch, 1 push/pull volume pot, two true duo humbuckers pups, one single pup, and a tone control pot
The ibanez website has wiring diagrams available..if you can't find what you want there, head over to the wiring diagram thread and specify the options that wiring offers, and why you want the diagram..

Like, if you're fixing your ibanezs wiring, or if you want to replicate it in another guitar,or...?
And well help you out from there
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