Specifically the Yamaha FGX730SCA.

I was tuning it and I haven't replaced these strings for awhile now, it snapped and it hurt.
You're just going to have to try different brands and gauges and find something that you personally like. Its all about your own preferences when it comes to things like strings, picks, etc.
Then name one for me to start at because right now I don't know where to look.

Also for Elixirs are those steel strings or nylons?
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Altough for acoustic, strings make a bigger difference for your sound than on electric. I always spend more on acoustic strings than I do on electric strings. I always buy Elixers.

Not really. The majority of strings are made of the same materials - I honestly don't see how two strings that are the exact same gauge made from the same metal but manufactured by two separate companies can sound different. For the most part strings are strings.

The woods of an acoustic guitar are responsible for the majority of the tone since different woods and woods with different finishes have different resonance properties.