Hi Ug, I'll get right to the point. I'm stuck in my guitar playing. I can't seem to get better at anything, I can't play solos, can't seem to get any faster.
Well I can play some cool songs like lamb of gods "Laid to rest" and "redneck" but that is about it in the fast song department.
What I'm looking for here is
A. Some licks and riffs to improve my speed.
B. Some tips and tricks (hey that almost rhymes) on how i can learn to play solos.

Thank you in advance.
start by learning them at a slower pace and once you get it there, start to try it faster and faster
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you've hit "the wall" take a break from playing for a few days, go outside, work out, play video games... just do something else.

another thing, try learning something different. learn a song you'd never even think to play... trust me it will help.
Yep, the wall. As shadowmaster said, lay it off for a few days. Then i'd say learn a song which just stumps you, technically/speed wise. A few months ago for me i hit the wall, then learning The count of tuscany by dream theater got me past it, having to slow it down and not just jump into the song gave me a new outlook. Good luck
Do you look at tabs or do you like listen to the song and play to it?
Depends on the difficulty of the song, if its an easier powerchord based song i usually learn it by ear, things with fast passages now I use guitar pro, slow it down using that.
Alright guys, thanks. I'm going to take a break from my playing. I guess thats good bye for a while. :P