Hey guys, im Nick, this is my first post. i am getting into guitars. i have an older strat electric that i play with but i want to learn how play well and i want to learn an acoustic/electric guitar. i have my eye on a few but i am left handed and its slim pickins. i figured i would start off cheap to see if i had any skill before i shelled out good money for a better guitar. my question is this. i was readin up on these Rondo guitars the SX ones: http://www.rondomusic.com/mjg28vtwrsleft.html does anyone (i know its a long shot) own one or have any experience with their product?

thanks guys
for this price, expect a crappy guitar and you won't be disappointed. especially if you want an acoustic electric. since you already have an electric, why get an acoustic electric instead of an acoustic? the more money they put into a preamp, the less they put into the actual guitar and the hardware.

my best low cost experience is the rogue starter guitar at $35. it has no electronics, but it surprised me. believe it or not, the one we have plays and sounds pretty good. does it sound like my cargo or my husband's j45? no, but it still sounds better than any other $100 or below guitar i've tried. you can find it on amazon and musicians friend.
Not to be mean, but you're just starting out, so don't expect to have any skill. The only way skill is obtained is by practice. That's just a fact. Buy a cheap guitar and you'll probably get cheap results. Notice I said probably... There are some good, cheap guitars out there, but they're far and few. Expect to shell out $400 to $500 for a decent acoustic/electric. Do you have any friends who play guitar and have been at it for at least a few years? Grab one of them, when you're ready to buy, and take them to your local guitar store. A knowledgeable friend is worth their weight in gold. Seriously. You'll have no idea what to expect in a guitar, so the salesman could sell you a piece of junk - take a friend who knows what he's doing and you'll walk out with a decent guitar.

Next, either find a friend to teach you, or consider taking lessons. If you have a friend teach you, he needs to know what he's doing. Preferably, he's taken lessons for a few years and knows his stuff.

Good luck.
actually you can get a decent yamaha - the fg700s - for $200, and a good all laminate yamaha for $150. and you can do the lessons at justinguitar.com to get started. skill isn't something you have - it's something you develop. i've had some pretty ham-handed buddies who learned to play enough chords well to do some shows, but they did have to spend the time to learn those chords, and then to move from one to the next smoothly without choking the strings. if you can play electric, the chords are the same, but you might want to start with extra light acoustic strings, which are still a little heavier than average electric guitar strings.

btw, as far as learning on econo guitars like the one you're looking at, mccabe's says it better than i can:
Although I disagree with their philosophy on nylon strings, the rest of that article from McCabes is good.