This might get a little long, so ill apologize in advance...

Ive been playing guitar for about 4-5 of the last 10 years. I havent seriously played in 3-4 years now, and within the last month ive picked it back up and want to get serious again. Im completely self taught, which ruined any technique before i even got started. Basically i learned to play by getting tabs of songs i liked and practicing until i learned the song, i never learned any formal music theory other than the very basics in a guitar lab class i took in high school for an easy A. I dont really know many scales or anything, hell i never even learned to alternate pick lol (tho i can downpick at pretty wild rates). But since ive started playing again ive been mainly focusing on that. What im looking for is some suggestions on where i should start with music theory for guitar, stuff that i shouldve learned 10 years ago, but instead decided to dive in and learn Metallicas entire song list lol...help would be appreciated. Any details needed just ask
if your looking for music theory, try musictheory.net

Thats what I'm using right now, and its working pretty well for me...
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