time spent in my bed and
it lacks her body,
and rollingg around inthe night
has erased the indent
that she had placed there for me.

cover up, with the sheets
that once tucked us in.
washed now, they smell like miles away,
like clean linen.
Last edited by Something_Vague at Jun 9, 2010,
I feel like this could've been fleshed out a bit more, but I did quite enjoy it.

I wish I had come up with the line about the indent- a very subtle but great piece of imagery that can be tweaked so very nicely.
you continue to impress with your recent string of writing, this and your most recent blog piece are awesome.

If your book is even half as good, man.

Good luck with everything Matt.
thank you, if you like at all i can show you some more stuff i've been working on. this place only gets to see poetry i write in five minutes on the spot.


this was written in 5 minutes, on the spot.