Hi I'm relatively new to guitar(7 months) and my fifth string won't stop buzzing when I play a fretted note or the open string rather hard. It sounds terrible. I've heard that it can be fret buzzing but the old string was fine until it broke one day so I changed it and now the new one buzzes. Any help would be appretiated. I've tried undoing the string then putting it back on but the buzzing persists. My friends say it could be the action or tightness. I don't know how to fix that and have tried putting on another string but still buzzing. If anyone knows how to fix this and prevent it in the future it would really help me. Thanks.
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is it the correct gauge?

sis you only swap that string?

where is the buzzing coming from?
is it rattling in the nut?

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A short term solution is to fold up a small piece of paper and wedge it beneath the string at the nut, thus raising it a mm or so (1/16"). If you are getting fret buzz this should reduce or eliminate the buzz.

Does the buzz occur at high frets as well? If not, you just need a truss rod adjustment, which easy to do. Loosen all strings, find an allen wrench that fits (yes, I hate them, too) and turn it to the left a bit.

Lefty-loosey. 1/4 turn should be fine.

Loosening the rod will cause the neck to bow forward when the strings are tightened. This will increase the distance between strings and frets and eliminate buzz.

Alternately you could switch to a heavier gauge. I'd suggest .10's as that is not too extreme, ie it won't hurt your guitar.

An advantage there is heavier gauge = better tone. Bonus!
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