Does it come with locking tuners? If not then how well does it stay in tune. I'm thinking of getting one this summer. That or a Schecter Solo-6 Hellraiser. The Schecter has locking tuners and EMG pickups aswell as 24 frets so i dont wanna feel like i'm cheating myself out of a better guitar by buying the more expensive one (I dont want it for the Gibson name by the way)
No, but it stays in tune very well. It has Grover tuners, and they do there job very well.
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No, but it stays in tune very well. It has Grover tuners, and they do there job very well.

this man speaks the truth
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Is it for metal / hard rock ???

cause im pretty sure the ESP LTD EX-401dx at 699 $ with emg 81/60 active would be more than perfect at 1/2 the price of the Gibson and sound as good or even better .

EMG 81/60 > Gibson 500t/496r all the way .


the shape is less roung than the explorer ... but the guitar is outstanding . LTD are really grea tguitar ...

the gibson is probably great too .. but its double the price .... and it wont be double the sound or quality ... not at all . the emg 81 is overall a far better pickup than the 500t .

MY opinion of course , ive play both .

do a Spec to spec comparaison .. the Gibson explorer 1399 $$$ and the LTD ex-401dx 699 $$ are very similar ( mahogany , rosewood fingerboard , grover tuners ., . etc .etc .. ) for 1/2 the price .. and the Ex401 have active pickup .. and not cheap active one ... and the Ex401 has a floyd rose bridge

ive had the old ex-400 from LTD and this guitar was in craftmanship , sound quality a really outstanding guitar .

in the end its your decision ... good luck

http://www.espguitars.com/guitars_ex-ltd.html ( grab the higher end ex401 .... not the cheap ex-50 at 200 $ . ) esp = higher number = higher model )

But the gibson should be a great guitar too ... a bit expensive IMO . after playing a ex-401 i can tell you that its hard to beat this guitar for the price .
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