My amp head has a "Recording" output as well as an output labeled "Direct". Which should I use to run into my audio interface to use with GarageBand, or any DAW for that matter? Also will I need to use a speaker cable for this? This is the first time I've ever wanted to do this, but I want to do it right...so please help? Thanks to all!

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What kind of amp is it? Tube, modeling, etc.? You'll want to use the "Recording" output to going into the interface by default. It's probably an output with some speaker/cabinet simulation on it.

The "Direct" one is most probably for working with DI boxes, they have their own cab simulation going on. If it's a tube amp, you must have a load connected on the "Direct" out, either the speaker itself or a dummy load... although without knowing the amp it's hard to tell how they wired it. But that's usually the case.

No speaker cable, please use screened audio cable for it, ie. guitar cable or unbalanced microphone cable.
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